Train today like you face death tomorrow

Fights happen super fast. Knowing how to handle yourself and what your opponent might do
is the difference between ending up laying in the street or walking away.

Build Confidence Fast

We start with teaching basic moves that you can use, then we build on that foundation. As you progress, we'll match you with increasingly better fighters so you keep growing in your abilities.

Adult Classes

Our adult martial arts program is designed to help you defend yourself and get in shape. In addition, martial arts helps to keep the mind sharp and focused at work, at home, and in social situations.

Have questions?

Leave us your information and one of our instructors will call you to answer any questions you may have.

Training Programs

Our training programs are designed for kids, adults, and the entire family.

Starter Program

$ 80 /mo

1 Class per Week

Beginner to Black Belt

Paid Access to Special Training

Moderate Program

Most Popular
$ 120 /mo

3 Classes per Week

Beginner to Black Belt

Discounted Access to Special Training

Hard Core Program

For the Tiger in You...
$ 200 /mo

6 Day/Week Access

No Cost for Special Training

Exclusive Hard Core Training Sessions

Visit Us & Tour Our Facility

Take this martial arts thing for a free test drive!
Visit us, meet our instructors, tour our facilities, and even take an introductory class!

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Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello! Welcome to our blog!

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Here's some of the feedback that our students have been giving us:
I really appreciate the staff at the dojo, they are patient with my children and help them to understand how to correctly perform the movements safely.

Lesley N.

We joined the dojo as a family 7 months ago. We have been amazed at how much we enjoy Tuesday night family class. If you're considering a dojo, look no further.

Nelson & Kara P.

Since I started training 6 months ago. Two weeks ago, I was jumped by a couple of guys wanting my wallet. Using what I learned from class, I was able to defend myself.

Mike E.

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