Kids MMA Program

If you’re looking for the best martial arts classes for children in the Boston area, including Brighton, Cambridge, and Back Bay, you’re in the right place.

Parents of our students are ecstatic about the improvements they are seeing in their kids, not only in their ability to defend themselves, but also how much more confident and focused they are becoming.  But, it’s not just the parents.  Teachers in Boston area schools are also seeing the changes in students who are training here at Mira's MMA.

If you are like most parents, you probably want to see your son or daughter build confidence and focus.  If so, complete the form below!

Does Your kid have any of these issues? 

  • ADHD/ADD – You have a highly intelligent child, but he/she has difficulty focusing in on tasks, both at school and home.
  • While they are great kids, they have a lack of respect for authority and throw temper-tantrums to get their way.
  • They are bullied at school or have became the bully, because they feel a need to show dominance.
  • Your kid is really nice, maybe too nice to inject their opinion and they come across as shy or display a lack of confidence.
  • They spend way too much time in front of the television and video games. You wish they would find a better use for their time.
  • Your kid lacks a role model, perhaps the father isn’t in the picture or travels a lot…or it would simply be helpful to have a positive 3rd party influence.


Just fill out this form:

kids learning mma
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Additional Events

Tournaments are held twice per year and multiple schools are involved.  It is a great opportunity for your children to meet new martial artists, test their skill levels, and have A LOT of fun!

Dojo Campout
Once per year, we have a camp out.  Many parents come along to be a part of the event!  Kids have an amazing time at these events and form lasting friendships.