Adults Martial Arts Program

If you are looking for martial arts training in the Boston area, including Brighton, Cambridge, and Back Bay, you’re in the right place.

Training in martial arts is an excellent way to stay active and healthy, as well as improve your focus and mental fortitude.  We have students of all ages tell us that they have noticed massive improvements in their concentration and self confidence.

By training in YOUR MARTIAL ART, you will not only learn to defend yourself, but you will also gain muscle, shred excess fat, become more flexible, and naturally detoxify your body and your mind.

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Improved Focus at Work

Many students tell us that they have a better ability to focus on important tasks at work and a few have even credited our adult martial arts program with raises and promotions at their job.

A few of our students are also business owners and have even invited employees to train with us, because they know the benefits of martial arts on one’s focus and clarity.

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Additional Events

Tournaments are held twice per year and multiple MMA dojos are involved.  It is a great opportunity for you to test your skills, meet other martial artists, and have A LOT of fun!

We also hold and attend seminars for students.  These usually focus on certain aspects of your training and can be beneficial to your overall development as a martial artist.